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  1. Tracey is to be congratulated on a superb article!

    Tracey is to be congratulated on a superb article!
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    Why didn't MS stop with Windows 7?

    OK, I'm exposing myself to all sorts of potential vitriolic abuse here, but (sorry) I frankly DETEST Windows 10, after running thru the preview version for several months. And this has gotten even...
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    Any new security problems with XP?

    Hello all,

    Ever since MS poured Win XP updates down the toilet a while back, I have not seen ANY articles/statements by anyone that this has caused any problem at all (in spite of all those dire...
  4. How long will Intel chips & assoc. mobos work with XP?

    This is an issue I have not so far seen any commentary about, so I would like to raise it. I build my own (Intel-based) systems and have several older ones that currently run XP. I'm quite resigned...
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    Hello, Thanks for your reply to my post. I...


    Thanks for your reply to my post. I didn't know that Access will run under Mac, but that's OK - I'm a hardcore PC guy. I like several of the Linux distros and have been able to get them...
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    How to run MS Access databases in Linux?

    I have been looking for a way to run MS Access in Linux, so far without success.
    LibreOffice will run other Office apps (Word, Excel, PP) quite well, but Libre Base does not seem to work w/ Access -...
  7. Oddball Internet Explorer 8 problem - persistent information bar

    I have an odd problem with IE 8 that Loungers may find enticing. I'm running 2 similar desktop PCs on a KVM switch, both have Intel CPUs (i7 920 & i7 3770) Gigabyte mobos, Win XP Pro SP3 & IE 8...
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    Hi Clint, Thanks very much for your timely...

    Hi Clint,

    Thanks very much for your timely reply. I since have figured out (relatively) the same thing from Gigabyte's site (the only thing that gave me real pause was the klutzy tech guy). Also...
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    Where is the Ivy Bridge BIOS update????

    I set out today to build a shiny new Ivy Bridge computer, since the components became available online just the other day. I narrowed the list down to: Intel Core i7 3770,
    Gigabyte GA-DS3H mobo &...
  10. I can't really tell what you're doing (did you...

    I can't really tell what you're doing (did you rebuild the same system or different ones)? Also are the systems commercial or self-built?

    I tried Fred Langa's rebuild once (on an XP system I...
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    How about Windows XP and UEFI?

    Thanks to Woody for the article, but no mention seems to be made anywhere about how this will affect those of us who are long-term (forever?) users of Windows XP. (My former girlfriend once said...
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