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  1. I've considered this but it's just not my...

    I've considered this but it's just not my style... :^_^: At least not yet. But a few more of these calls and who knows? I've also told them I don't own a computer anymore. So far they haven't called...
  2. Scammers Keep Calling Claiming to be From Windows Support

    Last June we switched to fiber optic internet and phone. For the past month or so we keep getting phone calls from people with asian accents claiming to be from Microsoft or Windows support. In the...
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    Outlook Express Won't Download Mail

    My mom's WinXP clunker stopped downloading mail in Outlook Express. The dsl router lights flash indicating that it's downloading something but then it times out after 45 seconds or so and gives this...
  4. Use OpenDNS

    Using OpenDNS is a good place to start. If you were using Internet Explorer I would recommend running SpywareBlaster. It's less effective on FireFox, only blocking tracking cookies. Still, even...
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    Thanks for all your help. I switched to MSE from Norton AntiVirus 2010 after it suddenly stopped working. NAV tech support wanted me to install their 2011 version as a fix, but by then I decided to...
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    No Luck

    Online Armor free version doesn't allow me to add anything to the options/exclusions tab. I switched to Online Armor from Comodo because it was forever bugging me for permission. So either I pay the...
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    Firewall Keeps Flagging Unknown Program

    Five days ago I started getting a message on start up from the firewall asking for permission to let an unknown program run. This happens every time the computer boots. I have tried googling the...
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