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    Re: Hotkeys and ribbons (2007)

    Thank you. I was just coming here to report that I learned that holding down the Alt key does reveal hotkeys (although I'm disturbed that I did not receive e-mail notification of your replies--must...
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    Hotkeys and ribbons (2007)

    I'm still using Office 2003, but we upgraded to Outlook 2007, so I am getting my first real dose of the famous (and infamous) ribbon.

    I'm adapting to it pretty well, as I am mostly a hotkey user...
  3. Conditional Formatting menu item inactive (2003 SP2)

    I am working on a workbook that is just begging for Conditional Formatting (well, some way of identifying areas based on cell content).

    Unfortunately, the Conditional Formatting menu item is...
  4. Re: The arrow moves left when I move it right (2003)

    I'm curious. I also have Word 2003 (SP2), but I did not find this on my Format | Paragraph.

    Is this hidden in there somewhere?

  5. Cannot override Unprotect Document command (Word 2003 SP 3)

    I am trying to incorporate code that warns a user against unprotecting a document. I'm having trouble overriding the Unprotect command though. When I try it out, I unprotect the document with no...
  6. Re: Looking up second column in a report (Access 2003)

    Now that I see it before me, this does look a bit familiar. I'm not too savvy in report manipulation either.

    But it works like a charm. And I don't have to manipulate a SQL statement. That's a...
  7. Looking up second column in a report (Access 2003)

    I have a report in Access that displays the value of a column (called Course Code). I would like for it to instead display the associated value (called Course Name). My database is structured as...
  8. Re: Omitting all null values in a report (Access 2003/SP 2)

    I'm sure that'll strike me as a "duh" moment when I sit down and fully learn SQL.

    In the meantime, you've helped me out a lot. My brain officially hurts now, and it's time to go home and have a...
  9. Re: Omitting all null values in a report (Access 2003/SP 2)

    I crafted my beautiful queries, which helps out immensely with my report.

    But, I discovered that the CommentText field truncates (I haven't counted it, but I assume at 255 characters). I tried a...
  10. Re: Omitting all null values in a report (Access 2003/SP 2)


    I'm becoming more and more impressed with the robustness of SQL. Thanks a bunch, Hans. That is exactly what I need. I'm adding this thread to my favorites. I think there is enough here to...
  11. Re: Omitting all null values in a report (Access 2003/SP 2)

    I am thrilled and humbled. I'm still learning about the power of Access (and espeically SQL).

    The query works wonderfully, but I left out some information. Sorry.

    I'd like to identify each...
  12. Re: Omitting all null values in a report (Access 2003/SP 2)

    <hr>If you can still change the data design, you should create a separate comments table, with 2 fields: Trainer and Comment, linked to the main table (sans the Comment fields) by Trainer. Each...
  13. Omitting all null values in a report (Access 2003/SP 2)

    I couldn't quite get this with the Report Wizard, so I'm sure I need to design the report from scratch (or modify heavily). I'm not too experienced in that, so I feel a bit overwhelmed. If someone...
  14. Does VBA have a Min() and Max() function? (Access/Word 2003)

    Maybe I'm thinking of another language, but I thought VBA has a Min() and Max () function. In jacking with some values in an Access module, I see this is not the case. Or at least, not with those...
  15. Re: Import Error - Unparsable record (Access 2003)

    The information is confidential so I can't attach it, but I can say that it contains only alphanumeric characters, commas, periods, apostrophes, semicolons, and parentheses. No unusual characters...
  16. Re: Import Error - Unparsable record (Access 2003)

    I just ran into this problem myself. I ran a search and found this topic.

    My problem is a bit different in that I don't have any double quotes. I just checked the records in question for any...
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    Not a corrupt Access

    Well, looks like it may not be a corruption.

    In my novice opinion, I think the menu bar was always there, but it was positioned so it wasn't visible (say, with a negative x-value). I just...
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    Re: Missing menu (Access 2003)

    <hr>If that doesn't help, select Help | Detect and Repair... in Access itself. This is less drastic than a complete reinstall.<hr>

    Sadly, that did not work. I'm going to have to go with the...
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    Re: Missing menu (Access 2003)

    Resetting the CommandBars did not work.

    I am trying the Detect and Repair. Thank goodness I can still customize the Toolbars.

    Looks like this will take a while. I'll let you know how it goes....
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    Re: Missing menu (Access 2003)

    I was able to Customize the Toolbar to create a toolbar for Customize... I do get the Customize dialog box, which is the same dialog box as the one I get when I right-click on the menu. I assume...
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    Re: Missing menu (Access 2003)


    I followed your directions. Unfortunately, that didn't work--I'm guessing for the same reason that the Startup dialog box didn't work.

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    Missing menu (Access 2003)

    Argh, I'm sure this is easy, but I'm just having a rough time with it.

    I do not have a menu bar for my Access 2003. I can't bring it back. I tried right-clicking in the menu area and selecting...
  23. Can you duplicate relative references in a formula (2003/SP-2)

    My subject is not very descriptive. Sorry.

    We all know how a relative reference updates when you copy or move a formula. So, SUM(A1:A4) becomes SUM(C1:C4) if you paste the formula 2 cells to the...
  24. Re: Can't use ADDRESS within an OFFSET (2003/SP-2)

    Well, now I feel the fool.

    I saw this solution elsewhere with my Google Fu, but it didn't work for me. When I saw your post, I took a closer look at what I did. You're quite correct; INDIRECT...
  25. Can't use ADDRESS within an OFFSET (2003/SP-2)

    I'm trying to have an OFFSET formua, and I have it all working except for one thing. I cannot get OFFSET(ADDRESS(16, 9), 1,1, 1, 1) to work. It comes up as an error. I can do OFFSET(I16, 1,1, 1,...
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