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    Re: Unload objects and instances (VBA)

    Yes. But I normally stop the macro before it has opportunity to set the instance to nothing (jump to the error handler). Let me broaden the question: is there any way to list all the instances and...
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    Unload objects and instances (VBA)

    I looked up this topic in the forum, but didn't find anything. Maybe someone could help me on that.

    Anytime I program on VBA, I repeatedly debug my code to find errors and omissions. When I find...
  3. Auto-update Complements (XLA files) (2003)

    I've been shearching in the forum if someone had asked this before, but I didn't find it.

    I was wondering if it was possible to program a XLA file to check its version and run an auto-update. I...
  4. Re: Slow ADO Connection - Database Connec Performance (2003)

    Excelent response, as always. I'll take a look of these web pages.

    Thank you very much.

  5. Slow ADO Connection - Database Connec Performance (2003)

    I asked a couple of posts before in the Excel room a problem with a retrieving function in Excel. There, I had to retrieve many many data to Excel spreadsheets at user's request. It was solved with...
  6. SolverAdd function problem (solution) (2003)

    Yesterday, I found myself faced with the next problem. I wrote a code which had Solver functions to optimize a problem (it was an easy one).
    The code was:

    SolverAdd CellRef:="$I$22",...
  7. Re: VBA Function to retrieve Access data (XP - 200

    Nick, I don't have SQL Server avaible yet, but I took notes of your suggestion. I think I'll choose the array function solution just to resolve the problem to avoid mulplying the time of process by...
  8. Re: VBA Function to retrieve Access data (XP - 2003)

    I tried that solutions. They are ingeniuos, but not as adaptable as the single function retrieving a single value.
    If I migrated the Access administrated database to a SQL Server administrated...
  9. Re: VBA Function to retrieve Access data (XP - 2003)

    Thank you very much Steve. I'll try it. It seems to be useful.

    Have a nice weekend.

  10. VBA Function to retrieve Access data (XP - 2003)


    I have a little problem. I've a Access Database with tons of data and users who don't know how to consult it. So, I wrote some easy-to-use Excel's VBA Functions which are as simple as: a...
  11. Analysis Toolpak automatic translation (EXCEL 2003)

    I don't know if someone had posted a question like the following. If so, please, refer to that thread. I didn't find any thread.

    I'm working with Excel in spanish. So, the Analysis Toolpak is...
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    Re: XY Graph and curve fitting (2003)

    Thank you very much.

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    XY Graph and curve fitting (2003)

    Hi everyone!
    I'd like to know which are the method applied by Microsoft Excel in the XY-Graph when we want to fit a curve (interpolate): linear, logarithmic, polynomial, exponential, etc. Does...
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