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  1. Full-Text Seaching in a Large Contacts Folder? (Word/Office 2000)

    I am accessing a large public folder containing over 12,000 contacts from a template within Word. Essentially, my users would like to be able to search for any contact where the company name...
  2. Re: Post Form in Public Forms Replies to Outbox?? (2000/SR-1)

    I guess this is a bug in Office 2000, SR-1 based on the KB article here.
  3. Post Form in Public Forms Replies to Outbox?? (2000/SR-1)

    I'm totally new to developing forms in Outlook and am having trouble creating a post form for a Public Folder. The form itself works and posts in the correct Public Folder, but when the user selects...
  4. Re: GetAddress from Global Address List? (Word/2000-SR1)


    Bummer about the job and the lost code and good luck venturing forth where ever your next career choices may lead...

    After hitting dead-ends trying to getting the GAL to be viewed as...
  5. Re: GetAddress from Global Address List? (Word/2000-SR1)

    Thanks Gary. Seems like a good plan so I've started down the path of looking at the OL object model, but i've hit a little roadblock trying to get any information about an item in my GAL using this...
  6. GetAddress from Global Address List? (Word/2000-SR1)

    I want to write a Word macro that accesses address properties from our firm's Global Address List (GAL).

    I know I can use GetAddress--but it can't seem to find a way to restrict the function to...
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    Re: Too many holidays (2000 sr1a)

    John's approach certainly works and ensures that you only get the duplicates (in case one list or the other is more thorough). But here are two slightly faster ways to tackle this...

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    Re: Regain built-in style (XP)


    Thanks for this tip. I like this solution better than using organizer because you don't have to worry about the possibility that the user may have altered the styles in the
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    Re: MailItem--Internet Header (2000/SR-1)

    i just found some Microsoft sample code here and it does the trick.
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    MailItem--Internet Header (2000/SR-1)

    does anyone know how to programatically access the Internet Headers for a MailItem? (The info that tells you how an Internet mailitem has been routed that you get when you right-click a message and...
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    Re: Word Style List Box (Word 2000 sr1)

    I've seen this happen where the "style" drop-down box on a toolbar was inserted via code instead of through the user-interface and a few other times where the toolbar items have just been messed up. ...
  12. Re: Printing Field w/Monthly Calendar (Outlook 2000)

    Slipstick has a Word template that will read your appointments from Outlook and includes the locations with your appointment items. You can download it here.
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    Re: Locked PSTs (2000-SR1)

    We're running Outlook 2000 on Windows 2000 workstations; Exchange Server 5.5 is running on NT4 and the file servers (where the PSTs are located) are running NT4.

    One other piece of info--one of...
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    Re: linked vs. embedded pictures (2000)

    The pictures are inserted via field codes; the INCLUDEPICTURE field code has a switch which specifies whether the picture should be a "link" or if the picture should be embedded into the document. ...
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    Locked PSTs (2000-SR1)

    Our users have always stored their PST files on a mapped network drive and all was going well until about a month ago.

    In the last month, we've had a rash of users complain that when they try to...
  16. Re: Separators in Multi-Language Environments (VBA/Office2000/Word2000)

    Works in 2000 as well. Thanks Pieter!
  17. Separators in Multi-Language Environments (VBA/Office2000/Word2000)

    Doing a wildcard search in English (either U.S. or U.K.), when you want to search for repeated occurrences for a character or a range of character, you enter the range inside curly brackets with the...
  18. Re: String Commands Stopped Working? (VBA-OF2000 SR-1)

    thanks bryan! somehow, this user's machine lost its Microsoft Scripting Runtime (scrrun.dll)--it had had it yesterday and for many months before but today, it just didn't exist anymore. anyhow, i...
  19. String Commands Stopped Working? (VBA-OF2000 SR-1)

    One user's machine just stopped recognizing the "RIGHT", "LEFT" or "MID" commands in the VBA coding on her machine. Any thoughts on what could be causing this problem?
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    Re: SpinButton Control (VBA/Office2000 SR-1)

    Thanks all for looking at this--and thank you Jefferson. The extra line solves the problem and, although I don't know why, I don't think I need to!
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    SpinButton Control (VBA/Office2000 SR-1)

    I have a SpinButton control in a form (linked to a text box). When the spinbutton control gains focus, the up/down arrows are each surrounded by a box. As my spinbutton control is rather small,...
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    Re: Export Calendar to word (XP)

    Slipstick has a couple of Word templates for importing Outlook calendars that are available under Printing Tools here.
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    Re: Contact Nicknames (Outlook 2000)

    Ctrl-K is a handy shortcut for activating your address book (which I had forgotten) but does not (at least in my testing) create a nickname. In my testing, the nickname only gets created if I wait...
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    Re: Horizontal Lists (W2000 SR-1)

    (1) Highlight your text (make sure it's alphabetized first).
    (2) From the Tables menu, select Convert | Text to Table.
    (3) In the ensuing dialog box, for Number of Columns, you want "3" and...
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    Re: Pdf file to doc file (2000)

    If you're looking to convert the PDF document to an MS Word document AND you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, you might find the message thread following<post#=162368>post 162368</post#>...
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