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    Google Apps

    Leaning toward GoogleApps at the moment. How's this sound?

    Domain registration for $10 per year
    can automatically renew your domain registration in the Google Apps control panel.
  2. Yeah, you all got it. The unconscious...

    Yeah, you all got it.

    The unconscious assumption was that the rate of left-handedness
    was constant over time, which it isn't due to forced right-handedness.

    Similarly, the average age of...
  3. A famous statistical scare for the left-handed

    British researchers (long ago) decided to see if handedness (as in being left-handed or right-handed) correlated in any way with life expectancy.

    It shouldn't matter, right? At least we'd hope...
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    Need to buy a domain name

    Can anyone recommend a good review of domain registrars?

    I'm looking for a very simple, cheap purchase of a domain name.
    All I want to do with it is create a very simple web page with just a few...
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