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  1. Custom Number Format - Scientific Notation (Excel 2002/SP-2)

    A user upgraded from Office 97 to Office XP. Most of her Excel files contain data formatted in scientific notation. She had custom formatted the cells to display a lower case 'e" instead of the...
  2. Track Changes - 2002 versus 97 (Word 2002/97)

    We are transitioning from Office 97 to Office XP. A user is trying to print a document with Word 2002 and show the "Changed Lines" bars on the side of the pages where modifications have been made...
  3. Document Recovery Failed (PowerPoint 2002 SP-1)

    One of our users had PowerPoint 2002 crash on her and when she reopened PowerPoint the Document Recover task pane was open with one selection. When she tried to select the copy of document to...
  4. Default File Properties Entry (Office XP SP-1)

    Some of the departments in our company want to add default entries to the File -> Properties area of Office documents. An example would be "Releasability: Internal use only" in the Comments field. ...
  5. Unecessary Prompt to Save with Equation in Word (Word 97 SR-2 / Word 2002 SP-1)

    I have a user that is inserting equations into a Word 97 document using the Insert > Object > Microsoft Equation 3.0 function. He creates the equation and saves the document. He edits the equation...
  6. Rapid Mouse Highlighting in Word 97 (Word 97 SR-2)

    We have several users experiencing very rapid mouse movement when highlighting text in large Word 97 documents. This is a Microsoft mouse on Windows 2000. When a user drags the cursor over text to...
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    Office XP MST file (Office XP)

    We have created a batch file that calls the setup.exe file from an Office XP Standard/Pro CD and then applies a transform command that references an MST file created with the Custom Installation...
  8. Office 97 Shortcut bar limitation (Office 97 SR-2/Windows 2000)

    We have a user that is trying to place a dial-up connection shortcut in the Office 97 Shorcut bar on a Windows 2000 system. It is possible to create a shortcut for the entire networking and dial-up...
  9. Dual install Word 97/Word 2002 (Office 97 SR-2/Office XP)

    I have a dual installation of Office 97 and Office XP. If I open a DOC file in Word 97 and then open the same file with Word 2002 or just double-click the DOC file I see the windows installer window...
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    Access 2000 error (Access 2000)

    We have a user running Windows 95 and just installed Access 2000.
    The installation seems to be successful except for the following
    message that she gets when she works with an existing document...
  11. Re: Excel98/PowerPoint 98 MS01-050 (Office 98)

    The source I'm quoting is the Microsoft Security Bullentin. We use Office 98 on our Macintosh systems. The version numbers for the components are 8.0. Thats why the statement in the Security...
  12. Excel98/PowerPoint 98 MS01-050 (Office 98)

    The Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-050 ( says that to verify the installation of the Excel 98 and PowerPoint 98 patch that the "Get...
  13. Re: Word 97 Table in Excel 97 (Word 97 SR-2)


    Thanks a lot. I think this is going to work but haven't heard from user yet. Where in the heck do you find something like this? Is this a basic set of keystrokes from the days of DOS...
  14. Word 97 Table in Excel 97 (Word 97 SR-2)

    We have a user that created a table of data in Word 97. He used hard returns (paragraphs) to separate text within cells. When trying to transfer this data to
    Excel 97 each hard return causes a...
  15. Word 97 - Run-time error '53' (Word 97 SR-2)

    We have a user that is getting an error when opening Word 97. The error is:

    Run-time error '53':
    File not found

    The user can click "end" in the window and user Word normally. ...
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    Administrator Password Generator

    Is there a way to generate a random password for the Administrator
    account in Windows 2000 and log that information in a text file on the
    computer? <img src=/S/help.gif border=0 alt=help width=23...
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    Re: Excel chart problem - Excel 97

    I have a user with the same exact problem, same exact page fault errors. I was trying to use the procedures in TechNet Article Q160552 to fix the AutoCorrect ACL files. The utility didn't work but...
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    Re: Word 97: Large Font Problem

    Some success with your help. User received the problem file via e-mail and has recent virus definitions on his system. There was a "normal.fmt" file in the Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office...
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    PPT97: Color Printing problem

    I have a user that has inserted Macintosh PCT clipart files into an Office 97 presentation on a WIN98 computer. When he tries to print to a Tektronix 740 Plus printer over a LAN two of the pages in...
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    Word 97: Large Font Problem

    When opening a Word 97 document on a WIN 98 computer one of my users has the font size drive up to approximately 250 pt. The five page document then starts building to over 300 pages because of the...
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