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    Client licenses on Windows 2003 server

    I am asked to install a server PC with Windows 2003 server in a customer Windows network, but I am not sure about the client licensing I need to provide.
    The Server is going to be installed on...
  2. Re: Vieweing JPG in WORD file (WORD 2002 SP3)

    Hi Hans:
    Thanks for your ideas. It seems to be working now (I am careful), after installing new drivers from DELL and WORD security pathces (thought the JPG's are scanned and not allowed..).
    But as...
  3. Re: Vieweing JPG in WORD file (WORD 2002 SP3)

    is very simple, I have a file with just one graphic (I received from someone else, but I have also tried my own ones).
    I also believ by now it's a DELL graphics card problem. I have moved the...
  4. Re: Vieweing JPG in WORD file (WORD 2002 SP3)

    Thanks Hans,
    first, placeholders is OFF, working in print layout. PC is a DELL notebook 610. I have also tried to change 16/32 bit color and screen resolution, no success.

    I turned the...
  5. Vieweing JPG in WORD file (WORD 2002 SP3)


    I have recently upgraded from Office 2000 to Office 2002 SP3 (US) on US Windows XP, 1GByte RAM, enough HDD space.

    I have several WORD files with screen shots, inserted as JPG files. But now...
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