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  1. 2 USB ports work and 2 do not on HP Elitebook

    As usual, I disconnect the laptop from the external monitor and bring it into the den last night and when I plugged in a USB drive (many )to the 2 left ports, the laptop did not notice that I plugged...
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    my machine annoyed others in lecture type settings

    I got a MS Surface Pro 3 - it does anything my Laptop did plus it's whisper silent

  3. Currently, we disable ethernet and an Admin...

    Currently, we disable ethernet and an Admin on-site can re-enable if needed.
    IE10 was installed by Windows update before it could be disabled.
    What happened here was when we had the machines...
  4. Need a script to bulk remove IE10 from 75 windows 7 systems

    IE10 slithered onto a LOT of systems I was installing and I am not ready for it yet

    I can fix my issue by "manually" removing IE10 and also removing the Profiles for the 3 affected user accounts...
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    I must really be missing something because I cant...

    I must really be missing something because I cant find the search features I have in X1 in Win 7 search. Maybe the primer that was mentioned will clear things up
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    end-user requests processing

    looking for a web-type tool to allow end-users to request/control security group membership themselves. End-users requesting access, group owners approving it, no IT contact required.
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    Recommend self-service tools?

    Any recommendations for self-service tools for Active Directory group management?
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