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  1. Maintenance While Computer is In Sleep Mode

    My laptop is running Win 8.1. My question is: Will maintenance tasks like the automatic back-up and defrag run while the laptop is closed and in sleep mode?
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    How Much RAM Can my System Support?

    I am running Win 8.1 with 16 GB of RAM. How can I determine how much RAM my system can support? Should I add more if I can?
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    How to Delete Internet Explorer?

    I have decided to just delete Internet Explorer off my machine since I use Firefox with Windows 8.1. However, IE doesn't show up in the Control Panel under "Programs and Features", and if I try to...
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    Running simultaneous virus checkers

    Hello Lounge Lizards
    Please settle once and for all the debate my computer group is having about virus scanners. Is it OK to run more than one virus scanner at the same time? We pretty much agree...
  5. Can Windows 8 Documentation Be Used For 8.1?

    Can the documentation and tips, tricks, etc. for Windows 8 also be used for Windows 8.1, or are they too different?
  6. The most recent example I can give you is that I...

    The most recent example I can give you is that I downloaded an airplane model from When I tried to move that model (which contained several sub-files) to the aircraft main folder in...
  7. Why is Administrator's permission necessary when I am administrator?!!

    Often when doing tasks such as moving file or saving file I get the message that "administrators permission" must be obtained. Since my profile states that I am the Administrator on my PC, why do I...
  8. Is the an Error Log for a frequntly crashing program?

    I have forgotten where to look in Windows 7 for an Error Log (or maybe it's called something else) for a program that crashes frequently. I would appreciate any information someone could give me...
  9. Is Maintenance during Sleep or Hibernation possible?

    I've wondered for a long time whether a computer will be able to preform scheduled maintenance tasks (i.e, Defrag or Backup) while the computer is in Sleep Mode or Hibernation. Will the task "wake...
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    Many restarts damage hard drive?

    Hi All! Maybe someone in this Lounge can settle this issue once and for all. My brother restarts after installing a new application, after uninstalling an application, after a defrag, after a...
  11. Thread: Driver Updates

    by MDRapp

    Thanks, Ted. I have heard of Secunia PSI so I'll...

    Thanks, Ted. I have heard of Secunia PSI so I'll give it a try. I appreciate the tip!
    Mike Rapp
    McLeansboro. IL (The actual Middle of Nowhere)
  12. Thread: Driver Updates

    by MDRapp

    Driver Updates

    Does anyone have suggestions on safe, effective methods to check for outdated drivers? Will Windows Update do the job? There are plenty of "driver checkers" available, but are they necessary?...
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