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  1. WordBasic reference - Values of the old SelInfo command

    I am working on a template that includes old converted WordBasic commands, and I need to update them to work with Word 2010 and beyond.

    Do any old timers have a resource that would help me look up...
  2. Thanks, that got me going. Your code snippet...

    Thanks, that got me going. Your code snippet worked intermittently, which was farther than I'd gotten before. I still got the 4198 error on pasting in some cases. It seemed that if I ran the macro...
  3. Word 2007 throwing errors on pasting Word.Chart

    I inherited a macro that does the following:

    Gathers data from the user in a form and inserts that data into a doc
    Creates a Word Chart
    Sets values in the chart (line series, legends)
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    Bob, fwiw, I took a stab at this, but no luck...


    fwiw, I took a stab at this, but no luck - I would have thought Invalidating either the Ribbon or an individual control (whether tab, group, or comboBox) would have done the trick, but it...
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    I have added a comboBox to my Ribbon with about...

    I have added a comboBox to my Ribbon with about 10 items. When the Ribbon is displayed, the field is empty (no item is selected). When the user
    selects an item from the comboBox, I want to reset...
  6. Re: Clicking on form crashes Word (Word 2007 / 2003)

    Aargh. I was afraid you'd say that. It would be incredibly painful to recreate the document. It has 9 pages of "fancy" table formatting with fields interspersed, and it's been translated into eight...
  7. Clicking on form crashes Word (Word 2007 / 2003)

    I have a strange situation. I've developed a Word form that is being distributed worldwide. The client is officially using Word 2003, so that's what the form is designed against. The form is...
  8. Re: Different languages in MsgBox text? (Word 2003)

    <hr>NB: I would have worked with place holder text for variables and used the replace function:

    That means you don't get...
  9. Re: Different languages in MsgBox text? (Word 2003)

    For posterity, here's an update on how I resolved this problem. For the Western languages (Latin American and European), I was able to paste the translated text into the VB Editor and display error...
  10. Re: Different languages in MsgBox text? (Word 2003)

    Thanks! I'll try that userform idea. That should be easy enough.

    In a couple of your messages, you've talked about "reading text into VBA code." Do you mean executing code that reads a text file...
  11. Re: Different languages in MsgBox text? (Word 2003)

    Thanks for the replies, though I'm not sure I've got it. I don't think I will be able to enter Simplified Chinese into the VBE, though. I tried today (at least by copying text the characters from a...
  12. Different languages in MsgBox text? (Word 2003)

    A client wants to translate a Word form into multiple languages, and wants the prompts and warnings to be translated as well. I've never tried that, and I'm not sure what's required.

    They want...
  13. Remove add-in toolbar in 2007 (Office 2007)

    Wow, I haven't been to the Lounge in years, but I'm so glad you guys are still here when I need you!

    Well, I dove in and created a 2007 Ribbon tab to replace my 2003 toolbar that is automatically...
  14. Find object and bullet/numbering (2003)

    I have a document converted from XML to RTF, and all formatting comes through as Normal style with manual formatting. I'm trying to globally replace based on these manual formats. It's not working...
  15. Detecting character formatting w VBA (Word 2000/20

    Is there any way in a macro to determine if a given character (or word or paragraph) has different formatting than its style? I want to know if the character has direct or manual formatting. It...
  16. Checking directory properties (XP Pro SP2)

    I am working with a software developer to debug a java program he wrote as it runs on my Win XP Pro system. At one point in the java program, it creates a folder with two subfolders. Each...
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    Looking for (paid) help with Excel

    I have a former client who is looking for someone to help him build an elaborate Excel spreadsheet. I told him it's out of my league, and he asked where he could find an Excel guru to help him.
  18. Re: Can't find Word field in VBA (Word 2000)

    Thanks for the link, Hans. Its unfortunate that option is not exposed. I wonder if that was a conscious decision, or just an oversight? I'd think that if it was an oversight, they would have fixed...
  19. Can't find Word field in VBA (Word 2000)

    I'm trying to modify existing table formatting using a macro, and can't figure out how to change a field that's on one of the dialogs.

    In a table, right-click and select Table Properties, click...
  20. Re: Differentiate between list types (Word 2003)

    As I was doctoring up a sample to post, I tried Reveal Formatting (Shift+F1) to compare the list items.

    (BTW, I like having that information in a pane in Word 2003, instead of having it pop up in...
  21. Differentiate between list types (Word 2003)

    I'm trying to reformat a document that includes pasted HTML. Everything comes in with the Normal (Web) style, though bulleted lists and numbered lists have the correct formatting. I want to...
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    Re: XML features don't work (2003)

    Thanks Andrew. I downloaded it, but I had to go poke around on the MS site to find actually what it offers. For anyone else who might be looking into Word's XML features, here's a link to an MSDN...
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    Re: XML features don't work (2003)

    Well, the problem seems to have righted itself when I started up today--I guess the reboot fixed it. I can now see XML tags in XML files, and I can see all of the XML options.

    And the rest of...
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    XML features don't work (2003)

    Hi all! I'm trying to play with Word's XML features and having a hard time. I'm not sure if my problems are due to installation or user error. :-D

    I got this new machine and tried to access the...
  25. Re: Code execution suddenly stopped (Office XP/VBA)

    Thanks Hans!

    I tried a few troubleshooting things:
    * Tested on additional documents
    * Removed existing Normal and let Word create a fresh one
    * Restored a previous version of the template
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