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    Thanks to both of you. I do have a gmail...

    Thanks to both of you. I do have a gmail account, but I could never convince my husband to use one, largely because he couldn't get the email address he wanted. :(
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    Forwarding email when changing ISPs

    We're about to change ISPs, from Comcast/Xfinity to Verizon FIOS. My husband has long used a Comcast email address exclusively for his home email, and while I've created a new email address for him...
  3. Disabling it in Control Panel doesn't uninstall...

    Disabling it in Control Panel doesn't uninstall it, it just hides it from view. I installed Windows 8 from a disk and believe IE 10 came with. My problem isn't specific pages, but rather that it's...
  4. Can I do a clean reinstall of IE 10 on Windows 8?

    I've been having endless problems with IE 10, which I installed along with Windows 8. I'd like to wipe it and do a clean reinstall, but haven't been able to figure out how to do that. (I know, I...
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