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    Dependant Combo Lists (2003)

    I have these Tables:
    PROPERTIES > Fields: PropID, PropName
    UNITS > Fields: UnitID, Unit, PropID
    TENANTS > Fields: TenID, LastName, FirstName, PropID, UnitID

    In Excel we can make the items that appear in a 2nd combo box DEPENDANT on the selection made in a 1st cbo using data validation methods described in
    I want to do a similar process when entering data in an Access Table -- TENANTS.
    I want to select the PropID, then select the UnitID in the next column, but I only want to see the UnitIDs that are associated with the selected PropID for that record.
    Both the PropID and UnitID are combos in the TENANTS table.

    I'm quite new to Access so I need it spelled out step by step.

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    Re: Dependant Combo Lists (2003)

    See here for a good descriton how to do it, or google "dependent combo boxes access" and there are a ton of examples

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    Re: Dependant Combo Lists (2003)

    In addition to Zave's reply, see How to synchronize two combo boxes on a form in Access 2002 or in Access 2003. There are also several examples of cascading combo boxes in this forum, e.g. <post:=132,255>post 132,255</post:>.

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