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    Duration Calculation (MSP 2003)

    I have a very basic question. My Project has 8 hours per day. (Hours Per Day Setting) Resource A works for 9 hours per day and Resource B works for 8 hours per day.(I Set up the Resource Calendar)
    I created a fixed units task (say Task 1) with 65 hours of Work and assigned both A &B to this task at 50%. Now Project Calculates the duration for this task as 9 days with work assigned to both A & B as
    32.5 hours. How does Project Arrive at the duration of 9 days, is my question?.

    As Work = Duration * Units, going by this logic:

    For A => 9 days * 9 hours per day * 50% = 40.5 hours of Work
    For B => 9 days * 8 hours per day * 50% = 36 hours of Work
    Total = 76.5 hours, where as the work that I entered is 65 hours.
    How does Project actually do the calculations?

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    Re: Duration Calculation (MSP 2003)

    You've set your project to 8hrs/day. That limits resource A to 8hrs/day, even if the resource calendar allows 9hrs.

    When you assign both resources to work at 50%, each resource works 4hrs/day (50% of 8).

    65hrs work divided by 8hrs/day = 8.125days, displayed as 9, when no decimals are shown (ie it rounds up).

    To get the result you seem to be after, you would need to allocate resource A at 56.25%, to have them work 4.5hrs/day.
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    Re: Duration Calculation (MSP 2003)

    Just some general guidelines on resources and Project
    Project uses the scheduling formula: Work = Duration * Units
    After you make your initial resource assignment , each time you edit one of these three variables Project will recalculate one of the two remaining variables. To control which of the values is recalculated you change the task’s type and effort-driven settings.
    The take types are:
    Fixed Units - Use fixed units when you want resource availability to calculate duration. Leave effort driven selected.
    Fixed Duration - Use when you want task duration to remain the same no matter how many resources you add. Leave effort driven selected
    Fixed Work - Use when you want to see work hours distributed among resources as they are added to the task.
    If you want to control hours per day by resource you can go to the Task Usage view and manually enter hours for each day for each resource.
    If you only overallocate a resource and if you do not use overtime hours and do not assign overtime rates your resource will not accrue any overtime costs for the overallocated hours.

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