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    Networking (SP2)

    I have two networked PCs running Windows XP SP2. Previously, using My Computer I could access files on one computer from the other. Now, computer A can access files on computer B, but B cannot access files on A. I have found that if I disable the firewall on Norton 360 on computer A I then can access files on it from B. What has caused this recent change in activity? I realise I have found a work-around but I would prefer to have things as they were and not have to disable the firewall, albeit temporarily.

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    Re: Networking (SP2)

    I don't use Norton but this is what I do on Zone Alarm. There should be a screen in there somewhere so you can enter "allowances" like the IP addresses of each computer on your local. ZA call it "zones." I use dhcp on my system and we all know what the addresses are, but I've covered 'em up in the attachment. You could first look through the Norton screens on B to see if you find anything like I'm describing. If it just started recently, then "something" accidentally seems to have changed a setting somewhere.
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    Re: Networking (SP2)

    You should be able to configure the firewall to accept traffic from the same subnet, thus allowing you to access files from the firewalled PC.

    I occasionally find that the Windows firewall will randomly turn itself on on one or other of my 20-or-so work PCs, thus rendering the unfortunate one inaccessible (usually detected by it being unPINGable). I wish I knew the reason for this, too!

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