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    SMTP solution (Outlook 2K)

    This is a general question at this point in the hopes that responses will save me some time and hassles.

    It seems to me that I have a couple of choices for SMTP - Outgoing mail server entries. One is to use the email server associated with my domain name, another is to use the email server associated with my ISP. There may be a third... use the email server of a 3rd party email service provider, but my limited knowledge prevents me from going too far in that thought direction.

    In the past, I recall using the email server associated with my domain name and would periodically get various types of errors (e.g., relaying errors, 554 errors (or some other number - not important)).
    I then switched to using the outgoing email server of my ISP and that worked fine. Note to Newbies: Your email's Outgoing server does not need to be with the same company as used for your incoming email server. I'm sure this is obvious to most, but it was a big aha! to me many years ago.

    Back to my 'issue': One of my PC's is a laptop. When I used Verizon at work and at home, using the verizon outgoing email server worked fine; but now I am planning on switching to Optimum Online for my home ISP and I am pretty sure I will no longer be able to use verizon's outgoing email service from my home (but I will from work).

    So, what is the typical approach to resolving this issue? Do you create create multiple email accounts for each email address (i.e., 2 accounts for, one using verizon's outgoing server and one using optimum's outgoing server)? FYI, my email picture is a little more complex than just 1 email account in that I have multiple businesses/brands and multiple email addresses for each; all are POP3 incoming except 1 IMAP). Maybe I should be looking at some 3rd party solution (but then won't I still have those relay- and 554 error-type problems?).

    Any thoughts/ideas very much appreciated.

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    Re: SMTP solution (Outlook 2K)

    To prevent spamming, operators of SMTP servers limit the user of those servers to send (or "relay") messages. If they do not do this, their server is added to a "black hole" list as an "open relay" and its messages will be rejected by much of the internet.

    SMTP server operators use a variety of techniques to determine whether your computer can connect to send mail. When you are inside the provider's own network, whether it is your home ISP or your workplace, you generally will be automatically permitted to send/relay mail, because your computer's IP address is in the range of allowed senders.

    When you are trying to send/relay from outside the operator's network, you must "authenticate" in some manner. The most common method is to provide your email username and password, preferably over a secure (SSL) connection. ISPs usually provide explicit instructions for this.

    So... based on the above, you might find that it is easiest to create a second Outlook profile for home use that shares the identical data files as your first profile, but has a different outgoing mail server in the account setup. I'm not sure this is possible in Outlook 2000's IMO (Internet Mail Only) mode, but it has been a very long time since I used Outlook 2000. If you close Outlook and visit the Mail link in the Windows Control Panel, you should be able to figure out whether you can create a second profile and set up Outlook to let you choose your profile at startup.

    I should mention a final wrinkle: if you run a local spam filtering proxy, and it checks your outbound mail, then the choice of SMTP server might move to your anti-spam software.

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