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    I want to be able to declare multiple folders in my Template locations. When I go to Options/File Locations, I can browse to the folder I want as my User Template location but it only allows me to select one folder. I want to select one folder, then browse to another folder in a completely different location and add it to the template search path.

    The File Locations, appears to only let me browse for the desired folder. I don't see any way to actually type the path into word's file locations path string.

    Is there a way to do have multiple folders in the file locations path?

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    You have NOT stated what version you are using, it would help to know that.

    I think it can be done, but they MUST be sub-folders of the main one.
    When the main folder is listed, the sub-folders will appear in the "Template" area of the "New File" pane.

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    [quote name='dglarson' post='770112' date='11-Apr-2009 07:14']Is there a way to do have multiple folders in the file locations path?[/quote]
    I used to put shortcuts in the folder so I could easily get to others, but in the past couple of years there was a bug that caused the dialog to take approximately forever to load if you did that. So I stopped. It may be that this problem has been solved in Word 2007.

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    In addition to the replies already posted, Microsoft Office uses two template paths: the User Templates folder and the Workgroup Templates folder . Both can be specified in the File Locations tab of the Options dialog.

    Word does *not* let you specify multiple folders for either of these paths.
    Subfolders of the User Templates folder and of the Workgroup Templates folder will be displayed as tabs in the Templates dialog.

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