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    Future VBA to VB-Net Conversion (VB-Net)

    I would be interested in comments/speculation/gossip about possible future conversion of the Office product line from VBA to Visual Studio Net.

    A few years ago, I moved from C to VB (stand alone compiler). I was doing a fair amount of XL development in VBA and wanted to standardize on one language. If future versions of Office include support for VS Net and either the VB or C# syntax could be used in the Office development environment, it would seem to make a lot of sense to begin learning C# not VB-Net.


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    Re: Future VBA to VB-Net Conversion (VB-Net)

    Why does it make more sense to begin learning C# instead of VB.NET? I'd think the jump from VB to VB.NET will be less difficult than VB to C#. I thought I had heard that the next version of Office will get the .NET treatment, but now I'm not sure. I've heard something about VSA(Visual Studio for Applications), which makes me think that Office won't exactly get the .NET treatment. Can anyone clear this up?

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    Re: Future VBA to VB-Net Conversion (VB-Net)

    Actually you might of meant to say VB to VB.NET there is no VBA.NET (not yet anyway, thank goodness!) So if you really meant VBA, there are no changes to that in XP or 2002 (well, there 'are' changes of course, but not in the scope as .NET is what I mean).

    From all I've read about VB.NET I'm in no hurry to try it. I've done C++ for years and it seems that the original goodness of VB (easy to use, hides complex Windows tasks from you, etc.) has been abandoned so that VB.NET looks a lot like C++ which isn't a good thing if most of your audience aren't well-versed in the OO world. Also, quite a few of the proposed changes by MS have caused enough uproar that they've rescinded so there must be a lot of unhappy prospective users out there. I'll stick with C++ , thank you.
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