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    You can create mail templates by saving them using the .oft format.
    By default they are stored someplace like C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates
    I find the method of USING those templates to be clumsy at best
    Using File, New, Choose Form and then rummaging around to find the using templates directory.

    In previous versions of Outlook - you could make shortcuts to physical locations on your hard drive, so that finding and using a template was a two-click event.
    Apparently not possible in 2007 (please tell me if I'm wrong).
    I've come up with two methods for quickly getting at my mail templates but I wonder if other loungers have better suggestions.
    Method 1
    Make a toolbar on your desktop
    RightClick on your taskbar
    Choose Toolbars, New Toolbar
    Browse to your templates directory
    Should be added to your Taskbar
    to remove deselect it from the list of toolbars
    Drawback: Shows ALL templates in that directory - and there can be a lot

    Method 2
    After making and saving your template
    Create a mail folder in your mailbox
    Drag the .oft file into that folder
    only will see what you've placed there
    Drawback: You will get a security message each time.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    [quote name='WebGenii' post='788844' date='13-Aug-2009 12:03']I've come up with two methods for quickly getting at my mail templates but I wonder if other loungers have better suggestions.[/quote]
    In Word 2000-2003, I use a toolbar. Once you run the procedure to create the toolbar, if you add new templates, you have to click the button to rebuild the list. It is only smart enough to list templates from one folder, but if you save only to the default location, that should be sufficient. To install, unzip the module (.bas file) and import it into your Outlook VBE.

    Of course, this may not work in Outlook 2007, but you could give it a try. Any luck?

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