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    Q: What is a forum notification?

    A: The Lounge contains more than 30 forums covering a wide range of topics. Every signed-in Lounger has the ability to receive an e-mail message informing you of new threads in any forum you select. This feature is called forum notifications.

    Q: How do I create a forum notification?

    A: From the Lounge Lobby, open a window or tab containing the forum you'd like to receive notifications about. At the top of the forum page, click the buton that says Get forum notifications. You'll be presented with a screen of notification choices. Select one of the radio buttons to choose how you'll be notified of new threads in that forum. Click the Proceed button at the bottom of the screen.

    At this point, your configuration of notifications about that forum is complete. You'll be returned to the forum page. If you'd like to receive notifications about other forums, return to the Lounge Lobby and select another forum. Repeat the steps described above to add that forum to your notifications list, too.

    Q: How do I view and use my forum notifications list?

    A: To access your forum notifications list, click Settings, Forums. Choose Edit your forum notifications in the left-hand navigation column. A list of the forums you're following will appear.

    Forums that contain new posts are indicated with a document icon. This helps you visit any forums you'd like to review.

    After you read the new posts in that forum, click the button in the lower-right corner to return to the top of the forum page. Once you've read all the posts you're interested in, click Mark all threads read at the top of the forum page. The next time you refresh the Lounge Lobby, the icon representing that forum will be grayed out (disabled). This indicates that there are no new posts in that forum for you to read. When new threads have been started, the icon will once again be enabled.

    Q: Is there a faster way to access my forum notifications?

    A: There's a "one-click" method to access your forum notifications. You can add the notification page to your Firefox Bookmarks or Internet Explorer Favorites.

    The following is a direct link to your forum notifications page in the Lounge.

    1. Make sure you're signed in to the Lounge in your default browser.
    2. Then click the following link (or use the bookmark you saved): Forum notifications page

    You can even place a bookmark in your browser's Links toolbar, so you can easily jump to your notifications page.

    Now your personal forum notifications are only one click away from any browser window you happen to be viewing, as long as you're already signed in to the Lounge.

    Please don't reply — this post is merely an announcement. If you have a comment or question, please notify us using the "Contact an administrator" link at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

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