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    In converting 4 computers for my small business to Windows 7 the biggest problem I had was finding compatible wireless adaptors. The first step was to upgrade all of the built in adaptors to the latest drivers. My Dell laptop worked right away after I installed the new driver. My two desktops did not work since the wireless adaptors were too old and not compatible. I tried the latest drivers but they were both flaky and dropped out at very inoportune times. After an extensive Internet search I found the TEW-649UB and decided to give them a try. Great! Instant connect, Home Network, password and a fully functional network with any level of sharing I desire. Easiest network setup I have ever done. Do not use the included software. Download the Windows 7 software from Trendnet's site, load it first and after it finishes insert the USB type adapter. The third desktop was a direct ethernet connect and also required a driver update before it was stable and reliable.

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    Drivers are usually the most contentious items in an upgrade. Thanks for posting your experience.


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