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    Is there anything different between Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Pro that has to do with being able to create a software RAID 0?
    Someone told me "you need Windows 7 Pro to be able to create a RAID software RAID 0" --- but nothing that I have read mentions this.
    Can anyone confirm this one way or the other?

    Note: I'm NOT considering making my system drive RAID 0 - it's for video projects --- where I need speed and lots of room. I know about the risks of RAID 0 - I backup all the time.


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    In searching the various forums, I found a couple of sites that suggest you need either Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise versions of Windows 7, but I didn't find anything definitive in the Microsoft documentation with a cursory look.

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    My Brother has 3 drives in raid 0 on his win 7 home premium using SSD drives. He tells me it is easy to do.
    But I myself have not used raid as I do not need it with only one hard drive installed.

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