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    There is one issue with some of Windows Sectrets columns that irks me especially as it relates to the new forum. I'll explain at the example of Robert Vamosi's column 'In the Wild' from the Jan 14th 2010 newsletter.

    Robert writes about three important but unrelated issues under the subtitles

    - The first Samy worm's cross-scripting exploit
    - It's a new take on an old attack stratagem
    - Adobe Reader updates to become automatic

    In the current implementation of the forum all comments to these three topics have to appear in the same thread. I see this as confusing and wasting time because I have to read through all the other comments to find those referring to the one issue that I want to comment on.

    I can foresee quite some more of the above, for example in Susan Bradley's column. Susan almost regularly covers several different topics in her column that I strongly feel should be separated.

    Would it be that difficult to establish forum threads by topic rather than by column?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eike Heinze View Post
    Would it be that difficult to establish forum threads by topic rather than by column?
    I second this request. All the bits I have wanted to comment on so far have related to the "other" topics of the column(s), the ones not reflected in the WS thread title.

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    And I'll add a third thumbs up to this request. I've also followed some topics and had to read unrelated - but important to the particular other topic - posts before getting to the one I was interested in talking about.
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