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    So, here's a question that has been puzzeling me for quite a while....

    1. We all agree a firewall is needed.
    2. We all agree that the "standard" firewall built into Windows (especially XP) is pretty lame.
    3. If you are using a "modern day" router as part of your networking configuration, there is most likely a firewall built into it.
    4. Let's assume that router-based firewall is activated.

    Question: Is a separate hardware based firewall, such as Watchguard, SonicWall, etc., needed or necessary? What *security* features do they bring to the table that a router-based firewall does not? [Let's disregard the built-in features of some of the such as AV protection, anti-spam, VPN, 2nd "walled garden" subnet, etc.]

    I'm thinking mostly about small/medium businesses, but this question applies to a home network as well.

    Curious minds want to know .......


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    A hardware firewall, such as the one in your router, is essential as the first line of defence. It filters out Stuff which software firewalls do not. A software firewall is a useful additional facility, but less necessary.

    You appear to be talking about an additional hardware security appliance. Is this necessary? Depends on your degree of paranoia, or whether you have Very Important Stuff to protect (as you might do if you are a business). If you are just an average Joe or Jane, I can't see why you'd need this...

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    Hi Jim,

    I am in complete agreement with BATcher on this. For home users a router firewall is completely sufficient. As far as small to medium size business, I would think it depends on the number of computers involved and the nature of the business. The router firewall should be great for a small family business.

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    What BATcher said.

    cheers, Paul

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