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    In my document, the odd header of the previous document shows the chapter name in small cap font indented to the right. When I get to some of the chapters, the header is blank, so I click "Same as previous" so that Word will link it to hte previosu odd chapter header. Rather than create a small caps right-indented chapter name, it remains blank. This happens with much frequency throughout the book. Why?

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    It is not uncommon for H&Fs to become corrupt. Cleaning them up can become tricky and may involve copying all over to a new document without the H&Fs and recreating them. However, you should go through the document starting from the front making sure that each ODD page H&F is definitely present and set to Same as Previous.

    Other than that, it is difficult to advise what may be wrong without examining the document to see how the H&Fs are constructed. Are you using the StyleRef field to automatically pick up chapter headings so using the same header throughout?


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    Hi jmt,

    If you've got continuous Section breaks lurking around the place, you'd need to ensure their Section headers/footers are set to 'same as previous' too.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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