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    Yesterday, I added the Last Used On column in the Control Panel/Uninstall Programs window by right clicking a column header choosing More... and then checking Last Used On. The column is there, but is completely empty. All have been used at least once. I have run several since adding the column, thinking that the Last Used On may not be collected until activated. There are still no entries for any program. Oddly, if I sort on the column by left clicking the column header, the listing order changes from the default alphabetical. Clicking the column a second time changes the sort arrow on the header and again changes the order of the program listing. Does anyone have any ideas or have I finally lost my mind??
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    See 'Last Used On' column in Programs & Features (appwiz.cpl) not showing information for any installed apps for more information.

    Essentially, this was an unreliable bit of information in previous versions of Windows that appears to have been disabled in Windows 7. As to why the column is still available, who knows? Perhaps Microsoft has visions of getting this fixed in the future.


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