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    The C: drive of a machine running Win7 Pro 32 bit has thrown two bad segment errors in last three weeks. Both were addressed by the system, but some parts of Win7 seem to have a taken a hit in the last go-around. I figure it is time to swap hard drives and I have a fast smallish drive coming by FEDEX., This machine is tied via an ethernet LAN to two other computers and two NASes. My question is, what is/are optimum steps to save data and transfer it to the new drive. I have the MS install disk and have either the disks or can download all the apps. Saving e-mail (Thunderbird) and the data libraries are the keys. There are also two other hard drives on this machine. I copy and/or backup critical data (pictures 300+ GB) on removeable devices.

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    Drive image. Everyone has their favorite, and there are many that are free.
    Create a new drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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    See the following for one option.

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