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Thread: Disk space

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    Just to give you an example, my HD is 320 GB. I have 3 separate partitions. Partition 1 (C Drive) is 75 GB. On this drive I have installed Win 7 Ultimate, MS Office 2010, and a whole host of apps. My total installed space is roughly 25 GB leaving the remainder as free space. I have never run into a running low error. Partition 2 is 8 GB and I have delegated this as my page file partition. Partition 3 is the remainder of the HD and includes all data. I have moved all app data, favorites, links, contacts, everything possible on this partition. Now when I image my HD, I only need to image the C Drive to protect my OS. The data drive and page file is backed up by other means.

    You indicated your HD is 60 GB. Is this just the C Drive or the entire drive? If the entire you, you could load just Win 7 and have it work successfully if your data does not occupy a large volume of space. If it were me I would consider a slightly larger HD. At today's prices, HDs are relatively cheap. You may be surprised.
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    To all those who showed an interest in my original and subsequent posts offering advice and assistance my
    thanks, in paticular for Ge rald's post of thre 29th September relating to rectifying a corrupt swap file.
    It now appears tha tthe Windows 7 installation is behaving itself and I have seen no repetition of the "no
    available disk space" screen message. Also the other symptoms experienced ontributing to a general instability o this
    installation have also dis-appered
    Just to put the record right and remove any misconceptions seen in earlier posts mty hard drive has a capacity
    of 500gb with 60gb allocated to the C drive for Windows 7.

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    Thanks for clarifying the disk space "issue", Geoff. Glad to read you are up and running again.
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