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    Missing Profiles

    I have a client with 2 new Dell OptiPlex with Win 2k SP2.
    They are workstations on a Win NT SP6a+ network.
    They are both used by the same user.

    I setup the local 'Administrator', then logged into the network as the 'Domain Administrator'. I downloaded & installed all Windows critical updates & restarted.
    I made the 'User' a member of the 'Domain Admins' group on the file server & 'Power Users' group on the workstation, then installed all the application software, eMail (Outlook Exchange Client), printers, etc. I shutdown the workstation, removed the 'User' from the 'Domain Admins' group on the file server & restarted the workstation. I tested ALL functions & everything worked fine. I setup the second workstation EXACTLY the same.

    At this point, on both workstations, in C:WINNTProfiles I had 'Administrator', 'User', 'Default User' & 'All Users'. They each had the usual subdirectories - life was good (not for long).

    1 week later I was called back to the site due to a printing problem. After 6 hours of total frustration I went to look at the 'StartUp' folder for 'All Users' to find a file that the printer tech support guy thought might be causing us trouble. There was ONLY 1 subdirectory of C:WINNTProfiles and that was 'All Users' - it had ONLY 1 subdirectory and that was 'Adobe' - it contained NOTHING! I checked the other Dell and found it to be in exactly the same condition. I checked the event logs on both Dells and found nothing unusual.

    This is a very simple network - it doesn't use any profiling on the server or workstations. Computers are dedicated to particular users, so we don't even use multiple accounts in the eMail client on any computer. We run McAfee MyCIO - it self-updates daily. The network sits behind a tightly configured SonicWALL firewall. I've checked the event logs on the servers - nothing. I've checked the logs on the SonicWALL - nothing unusual.

    Can anybody give me a clue as to what happened and HOW TO FIX IT without a total reinstall of Win 2k?

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    Re: Missing Profiles

    That sounds quite normal to me. Have you looked in Cocuments and Settings rather than C:WinntProfiles? There should be entries in there for each user.
    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Missing Profiles

    Also be sure you use Win2k printer driver, not WinNT - it looks like WinNT driver setup creates winntprofiles... folder and subfolders (there is no such folder in default Win2k installation).

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