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Thread: Hitman Pro 3.5

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    I recently tried a little app called Hitman Pro which is available at It was amazing. I've always been very concerned about security, and I was pretty sure -- with the various antivirus and malware apps I use -- that my machine was pretty secure. But Hitman Pro found nearly 100 instances of malware on my machine, including some viruses and trojans in addition to the usual tracking cookies. After having the program get rid of all that stuff, my machine ran noticeably faster and more reliably. Start-up time for Windows 7 was cut by way more than half.

    Then, a friend of my daughter's asked me to look at her laptop which was infected to the point of being unusable. Her McAfee would not start; neither would most anything else. Annoying pop-ups offered to clean the infections. She couldn't access the internet. I downloaded several well rated security apps and tried them. Everything was blocked after a normal startup so I had to boot to safe mode and access the apps from a USB drive. Microsoft Security Essentials wouldn't work in safe mode; Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware ran in safe mode but found nothing. Hitman Pro ran in safe mode and identified and removed two infections. I wish I had written down their names but I didn't. Anyway then I rebooted and the machine worked perfectly! All the other apps now run properly; there are no more annoying popups; McAfee runs properly and scanned the machine; Internet access is back.

    Does anyone else have experience with Hitman Pro? I certainly recommend it!

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    Yes, I have been using it for some time in conjunction with Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware. I have found on some machines that HitMan Pro 3.5 seems to install in a 30-day only version, after which it is chargeable, but I've never bothered to follow this up (no need!). It seems to run fine on my machine when I use it infrequently.

    It's another tool in the armoury, and a very useful one.

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    Based on what I read on the Wilders Security Forums a while back,
    Hitman Pro is a "work in progress" . I was not impressed with what
    I read on those forums . Perhaps things have changed since then !?
    For the latest on this program, I recommend the info on those forums .
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