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    I have been able to find some help on the Internet to solve the inverse of my problem but no one seems to want to do what I want to do.

    I created a pivot table in Excel 2010. It had one data element and everything was fine. I decided that I wanted to add an additional calculated data field. I created the calculation and upon completing that, the pivot table was expanded to include that data. A column with the new data was placed to the right of the original data field, looking something like this:

    column fields
    column variable 1 column variable 2
    original field new field original field new field etc.
    Row field 1 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
    Row field 2 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

    What I want is :

    column fields
    column variable 1 column variable 2
    Row field 1
    original field xxxx xxxx
    new field xxxx xxxx
    Row field 2
    original field xxxx xxxx
    original field xxxx xxxx

    I can't make tabbing work so I tried to do with color what I couldn't do with horizontal spacing.

    What I am wanting is what used to be the default (in 2003). There must be some option that controls this but I can't find it.

    Please help

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    If I understand correctly, right-click the table, choose Pivot Table options, then on the Display tab, check the Values row option, and OK out. You should now see 'Values' appear at the top of the data area of the table. Right-click that and choose Move Values To - > Values to Rows.

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