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    I am an experienced newbie.
    All I was trying to do was print 30 different address labels in a cheapo label program I bought in Staples for $10.
    I don't have Open Office or MS Office on this puter. Thought this program would be "easy". How "hard" could it be for $10 ? WRONG !!!
    Aside from learning about how to set up a DB III database and set up a label even with Avery numbers, I've spent HOURS on this thing.

    I finally got the thing to the point where the labels are printable.........not totally the way I want to have them, but DOABLE for now.

    I went to print the 30 labels on TWO pages of Avery 5161 labels .
    FIRST page of 20 labels printed fine.
    Then the next page did not.
    Instead of printing ALL of the labels again, I set the printer for the range " 21-30" as instructed on the screen ( using the LIMITERS and THEIR example of a DASH between the numbers ) and hit PRINT.

    No matter what I did, I could NOT get the printer to print THAT RANGE OF 21 TO 30.
    Instead I kept getting a message to "SET THE RANGE".
    I did set it or "thought" I had set it as per the instructions on the screen when I first hit PRINT OR PRINT PREVIEW.

    I am using and old Desket 500C on Win XP Pro.
    I doubt if it is a DRIVER problem since the FIRST page of 20 printed fine.

    Any advice appreciated. I know this sounds like a tough one to diagnose across cyberspace. Any thing I could try at this point ???

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    Reset your range to under 20 if that what it takes to get favorable results and then repeat the job.
    (Do one page at a time).
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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