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    Providing help in a non-techie way quickly becomes techie because questions need to be asked that are technical. That doesn't mean that answers will be beyond non-techies, just that it's not always possible to limit answers to simple language.

    cheers, Paul

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    I am a very frequent reader of this forum but rarely post or comment. I want to add that this forum is fantastic, whether it be techie talk or not. I've seen several threads and posts where it is obvious that the person asking a question is not a techie. Yes, Paul, questions will become techie because we are dealing with technology. But the folks in this forum have a magical way of being able to discuss on whatever level the poster is capable of understanding, and have patience with those who need a little more help. So, NJPS, feel free to post any questions. The folks here are great and someone, somewhere will be able to help. They have helped me immensely. Every time someone asks me for help and I cannot help, this forum is where I direct them.
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