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    Is there a reference database on Windows Secrets?

    While I've been a regular reader of Windows Secrets newsletters for years (and just
    upgraded to paid membership), I only recently started checking out the Website here. It's great, but one question: is there a database posted somewhere on the site that essentially summarizes all of Woody's prior recommendations on which Windows updates are safe to install and which are not? Or could someone point me to a post here on the forum that would effectively provide the same advice (e.g. 'Install Service Pack 3 and the following updates')? The DEFCON alerts are fine, but - unless I'm missing something - they only deal with the most recent updates.

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    The web site that Woody maintains is entirely separate from this site. Any opinions expressed by Woody are his own and do not necessarily those of anyone here.

    There are varied opinions here about installing patches. Most, but not all, of the regulars here will tell you to install all the patches. When you make major changes to your system, such as applying a service pack, it is a good idea to do a complete backup of your system.


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