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    Exporting MS Access to Ms Excel with Excel format

    I’ve read a lot of different article on the internet about being able to export a table from MS Access to Ms Excel.

    Problem I’m having is that I don’t know which one would work best for me, so I thought since I’ve gotten such great advice from this form I will ask.

    I have a query that updates a table in access.
    What I would like to have happen in the export from access to excel

    Currently I have a number of queries that updates number of table daily.
    Then I manual export the tables to a excel files
    Then I spend 15 -20 minutes formatting the excel fine. “I format all the table to excel files that same way.
    Once this is done I email it out in excel format to different managers that need to make commits and then email the spread sheet back to me then I import the spread sheets and record there comments.

    If at all possible I would like all the files to import into one spread sheet just into different tabs. I have a bout 4 different group.

    Below are some of the articles I’ve read about exporting from access to excel.

    Looking for any advice example ect

    Thanks for all your help and advice
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    As you have discovered, there are a number of ways to move data from Access to Excel. However, if you want the data formatted in a certain way, life gets more complicated. We routinely create nearly 1000 workbooks each with 10 worksheets using an Excel template as a place to start. That gives us the basic formatting, and then all we have to do is put the data there, but we do use automation. It isn't nearly as fast as the TransferSpreadsheet method, but it gives us the ability to do things that aren't nicely structured.

    Of the articles you noted (I've changed them to hyperlinks), the two that have the most meat in my view are the Database Journal article (Danny Lesandrini is an acquaintance of mine and knows his stuff) and the Tek-Tips article - especially the last few posts in the latter. One piece of information that would be useful to add to your post is the version of Microsoft Office that you are using. There are some subtle differences in the export process and the automation code between the various versions.

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