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    Overloading C-drive

    MSF obviously doesn't believe in HD partitioning and insists on loading all their programs on C-drive and expects other programmers to do the same. Moreover, if their programs are moved to other partitions they just won't run. I prefer to keep a smaller C-drive with Windows 7 and security programs so that no matter what else happens elsewhere my OS remains intact. I am using a 15 GB C-drive and regularly run CCleaner, but the drive keeps filling up with stuff most of which I don't even know about. My search program shows a mammoth C:\Documents and Settings\ folder that I can't even find on the drive. Much of the MSF junk, I can't even delete as Administrator. Is there anyway to get control over this critical drive ... any MSF files that can be deleted ... stop whatever is continually writing to the drive?

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    Your "Documents and Settings" is actually a junction to "Users". Open the C:\Users folder, then open yourusername subfolder and you'll find all that stuff.

    I use an entirely different methodology to run Windows, but it is for advanced users only.
    Create a new drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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    I suggest doubling the C: partition and letting Windows use it as it needs - the swap file alone will consume GBs.
    Keep your data on another partition, preferably by moving "My Documents".

    cheers, Paul

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