Out of frustration I haven't done anything with this for quite some time. Thanks to the last comment from hodget I found a SonicWALL TZ100. After getting it installed and correctly configured I can use the included SSL-VPN NetExtender software. It supports 1 SSL VPN. That address is connection based so I can install NetExtender on any of my remote devices but can only use 1 at a time, unless I want to opt for another license for 2 concurrent sessions. I also have it configured to TunnelAll. When I run NetExtender, I get connected to my home office network, get an assigned address from that network (192.168.0.x) and all my internet traffic flows through my home DSL network.

It works like a dream and allows me to connect to every device I have on my home network. Finally I've found the perfect solution to solve the requirements I have. Though I had to put my DSL modem in tunnel mode and am unable to use any of its features, I found a great refurbished 'n' wireless router for $29.99 that supports all the wireless modes so that takes care of my wireless devices.

Because CenturyLink changes my WAN IP address fairly frequently, I opted to pay for 1 dedicated IP address that allows me to always have the same address as opposed to using DynDNS on a running PC to access the TZ100 when they had changed the address.

FINALLY everything work great!!!

Thank you for everyone's suggestions and ideas. Problem solved...