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    Emailing photos: won't resize, show, & attach smaller file to Win Live Mail

    I can't seem to get Windows 7 to resize photos to about 640 x 480, place in body of email and also attach to the email - all at once - from any of my MY PICTURES folders.

    I do a lot of photography and send small-file versions attached to an email and also visible IN the email to editors. Windows XP takes care of all of this for me with a couple of clicks. I select the photos from the My Pictures folder, click "email this photo", click "make smalller" and one more click and the photos are in the body of the email and also, the smaller size files are attached to the email.

    Using Windows Live Mail, I can't find a way to make this work. If I select the photos to email, they appear in the body of the email I want to send. Then have to pick "larger with text" (I think that's the choice) to get something that looks like it is probably 640-480. This size is necessary for an editor to really SEE what I am sending. I don't mind doing that. But I want the smaller size file to attach to the email as well.

    To get that same photo to attach to the email, I dragged a copy from the folders in My Pictures to the email - and it attached, all right - all 5 MB of it instead of the usual 50 KB or whatever that would have been attached without my doing a thing other than telling Windows to email the photo in a "smaller size."

    Help please!! What am I missing? How do I get Windows 7 to reize the photo, size down the file, and attach it to my email all at one time? I used to do this by going to My Pictures and then clicking "Email this Photo" on the left side of my screen.

    This is major for me, and seriously impacts my time and ability to earn my income. The more hours I spend messing with resizing in photoshop, the less time I have for my work!

    Thank you for any instructions, workarounds, suggestions.

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    I do not use Win Live Mail but assume it would work just the same.
    Highlight the image ore multiple images. Right click on them, this will bring up a dialogue box, click "Send to", next click "Mail recipient". This opens the "Attach files" dialogue where you can select the picture size. Click "Attach", which opens the E-mail client with the re sized files placed in the attachment field.

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    This works to resize images with right click access. Both 32 and 64 bit versions.

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    jadaossi has to right, just right click, send to, email recipient, then use the dialog that comes up. Works for me anyway

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    In Windows Live Mail, click on options>mail>compose and uncheck convert messages to photo emails when adding photos and see if that helps.


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