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    Port and Protocol used by MS Office Application to communicate?

    My apologies if this has been answered somewhere else - I searched but could not find an answer.

    I would like to know what port and protocol MS Office applications (for example Excel and PowerPoint) use to communicate when there is linked data.

    Situtation: PPTX file contains a table of information which is actually Linked Excel data (from a separate file on the same server).

    If I open up the PPTX file on a desktop machine, it asks me if I would like the data updated. Which port and protocol is MS Offfice using to perform this update task?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!
    Best regards,

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    I assume (!!) Office (or the underlying OS) uses NetBIOS to access a Windows file share (e.g., \\server\share\path\file.xls). Perhaps Microsoft has posted some documentation on this in the context of "why won't my links update"?

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    Office doesn't use any ports or protocols to update from existing Office documents. It asks Windows to open the required file and then reads the data directly, as it would if you open a standard doc/sheet etc. Windows will use whatever protocols have been set up to allow network access, generally SMB within a Windows environment. NetBIOS would only be used in a Win NT environment.
    If the data was in a database then Office would usually use ODBC, which is configured per machine. Again Windows does the data retrieval and Office reads the data.

    cheers, Paul

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