Web publisher installed - although [not?] properly functioning?
It's the settings for the web publishing that I want to get right -
I want at this stage to publish a calendar.html of 1 month to a folder
on this local pc1 so that it can be read by pc2's browser on our LAN.

So what am I doing wrong? Please guide me
Here are the settings:
File / Save as Web Page
Start date Monday 01 October 2001 End date Friday 30 November 2001
Checked include appointment details
Calender title: Stephen Elms
File name: file:///D:/BUSINESS/Website/SGT_Startup/secalendar.htm
[the above line, as far as I can see, is correct, Pc1 & Pc2 both read this
directory for their start pages]
Web publishing wizard now appears
> Next
Name the web server Descriptive name: stephens
> Next
Specify a connection method
> Next
Specify a connection method
HTTP Post [I suppose]
> Next
MESSAGE: The web publishing wizard could not onterpret the PostInfo file on the server......
> Next
Provide Posting Information
file:///D:/BUSINESS/Website/SGT_Startup/secalendar.htm [what else can I enter?]
Starts to publish and then.....
The server name or address could not be resolved