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    Why do my Windows only open up in a half screen size?

    Hi to all,

    When I click on an icon to open up a program, it only opens up in the top half of my screen. I have tried the old trick of clicking on the maximize/minamize button a few times but the next time it still does not fill the screen when it loads. Is there a setting that I have neglected to turn on?
    Respectfully, Graphics Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graphics Guy View Post
    Hi to all,

    When I click on an icon to open up a program, it only opens up in the top half of my screen.
    "Hi Guy"

    A few questions ...

    1. Has this been a problem all along ..or something that has recently occurred ?

    2. What "OS" do you have .. and when you "boot er up" is the screen normal, or are the icons and everything else distorted?

    3.Is your "Screen Resolution" set properly for your monitor? Regards Fred

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    If you maximize the app windows, then hold the shift key while you choose File, Exit, the size of the window should be remembered. Unless of course the items Fred brought up are the problem.
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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    Hi GG,
    First, make sure your buttons are like this,

    Attachment 28559

    Now grab the sides of the page, twin arrows will appear, then drag to fill the screen, click file & exit or use the X while holdind Ctrl key.
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