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    Server can't be seen by workstations

    I have a perplexing problem that is causing issues for my users. I run a Server 2008 network with several 2008 and 2003 servers. We run our own DNS and have 3 remote offices, each with their own local server, and are connected by VPN usinc Cisco Routers. One 2003 server cannot be seen by the remote workstations (others can) by name. It can be pinged by IP but not name. The remote servers can ping by name. I have other 2003 servers that can be pinged by name.

    The workstations are a mix of Windows XP and Windows 7.

    We run a app that requires that the server be addressed by name. I can make entries in the hosts file on each workstation and this solves the problem but I'd really like to know what makes this server different.

    One last thing. This seems to be an intermittent problem.


    Bill Ingram

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    If you can ping by IP, but not by host name, you have a DNS issue.

    It's not clear from your description how your DNS is implemented or indeed which server is running your DNS, but it sounds like it is either failing or not updating across the network correctly.

    Are you servers fully patched?

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    Try nslookup to eliminate WINS as a factor.
    From a workstation in each of the sites run this DOS command, where server is the name of the recalcitrant server.
    nslookup server
    cheers, Paul

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