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    9/11 Anniversary Spurs Hacker Mischief

    Talk about sickos, this PC World article discusses hackers mischief concerning 9/11. As an emergency responder for over 35 years I take this "mischief" as a direct affront to all those responders who gave their lives trying to save others. Ted
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    Well Ted, no matter what the event or occasion there will always be these dirtbags trying to take advantage of it..
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    It is sad to see that there is always a tiny minority who has no appreciation for fellow Americans who give their lives to save others. My hat is off to all those first responders who sacrificed all and to their families who continue to live with the painful memories of those sacrifices.

    And my heart goes out to all who have served in our military these past ten years to answer the attack on our homeland, and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and to those who bear the wounds, as well as all their families. Our military men and women answer the call regardless of political posturing and blame shifting among those in government circles, and simply do their duty.

    I still marvel at the courage and selflessness of those on Flight 93, who knowing they were about to die, made their decision to deny the terrorists on board the satisfaction of killing more Americans in Washington, taking action that saved an untold number of lives.

    Finally, I want to express appreciation for all first responders who continually maintain vigilance, knowing we are still in a war against terror. I'm sure they are very conscious of the fact that any call could potentially be the result of another attack.

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