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    Losing e-mails when I'm cc'd

    Hello: Most peculiar problem. Windows Home Premium up to date, Thunderbird up to date, Avast up to date. Provider, Bell/Aliant, can't help 'cos I don't use Outlook. Thunderbird only has filters to direct emails to my inbox if sender is in Address book and Trash if they are not. Nothing else is activated - no whitelists, no blacklists.
    There is a home network mostly for printing and we don't share computers unless I turn it on to share data.
    I have two email addresses, my provider Bell/Aliant, and my University.
    About a month ago I gradually realized that my Bell/Aliant email volume was dropping. Certain emails (newspapers) I expect were not arriving. Emails from groups of people were arriving on my partner's computer but not on mine when I was cc'd. Talked to Bell/Aliant who, of course, denied all knowledge of blocking emails. Now with more time I realize that some emails do get through - the newspaper started using the University address just to confuse me! Emails sent only to me get through but if I am on a cc list they don't.
    My partner's computer is set up identically to mine and she also has Blackberry to contend with. She has no problems.
    The only thing I've done in the past few months is to try Windows Security Essentials - just to see what it was like given the recommendation on Windows Secrets! I've taken it off again. It did not appear to be the cause for the problem appeared some time after running both Avast and Windows SE. The problem did appear to start after a raft of Windows Updates but I couldn't really swear to this.
    Does anyone have ideas about why cc'd emails should be blocked on my computer while my partner's is unaffected. If it was Windows SE could it have left something behind?

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    I use MSE since August 2009 on all our machines and on ALL my many customer's machines. Except for the poor souls among my customers that want to use webmail they all use Thunderbird as we do. Not one email has been "lost" anywhere.

    ASFAIK being CCed means that the SMTP server, the server at the ISP that accepts sent emails makes a copy of the original email, puts your email from the CC into the TO field and sends the email on it's way. I don't know about the workings of IMAP though.

    I assume that you have checked your Junk folder and have set TBs Junk settings correctly like this:

    All in all to me it seems unlikely that it happens on your machine - but you can test that completely by sending emails from a Yahoo! (boooo, I know) or Gmail account to your partner and CC yourself and a bunch of (informed) friends.

    Good luck.
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    Hi Donald, have you checked junk folder & blocked sender list.
    George's PC Specs. / Laptop. Desktop.

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    Missing CC's

    I had the same problem. I contacted my provider and they asked if I had gone into my email account via their website and checked my "Quarantine" folder. I had no idea it even existed.

    It seems whatever anti-virus/anti-spam software they are using had upgraded itself to send anything sent as a CC, BCC, Reply or Forward to that folder.

    I had them make the anti-spam less restrictive and now I get all that spam I was missing right in Windows Live Mail (Win7 Home 64 bit).

    Can' win for losin'.

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