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    Access 2003 how do i Add personal word docs to data type or field properti

    Hi there

    I am using Access 2003 and have 200 clients I am adding field names and data types and want later on to be able to use the table or a sub-form in forms to up-load each individuals personal word doc CV to there personal sub-form record. Do I set this early on in data type or field properties or use OLE to look up there record on the server depending on the clients name or automated client number? If so how exactly can I do this if it can be done. I only have basic college knowledge of Access so do not know any programming. I realise this can be done in Excel but my boss wants if possible to have the information at hand in a sub-form personal record ready possibly by accessing it via a control button so once clicked the CV will appear for that client and every client once viewing their record details.

    Thank you

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    There are several approaches to this problem. One is to actually store the Word doc in the Access table as an OLE object - you specify a field in the table that way. Another option is to store the path to the Word Doc as a string in a text field - that has some advantages in that you can open the object without going into the database should you wish to. A third option is to actually extract the text from the Word doc, and store that in text fields or memo fields, but that will loose the formatting of the Word doc, even if you construct an Access report to display the data. A more sophisticated approach would use "Automation" to actually manipulate the Word doc from Access, but that involves extensive programming using VBA to manipulate both the Access Object Model and the Word Object Model. My inclination would be to use the OLE object in the Access table since you don't have much experience with Access VBA programming. Let's see what others suggest.

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    Personally I prefer keeping such files outside the database, as Wendell suggests in his 2nd option or using an hyperlink field, to link to the file directly. Using a text field is harder to handle programatically, the hyperlink field not so much, as you can simply click it to open the doc.
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    Storing file in an Access 2003 data will cause considerable bloat in size. You could possible exceed the 2 gig file size limit with 200 Word documents stored in the database.

    I avoid the hyperlink data type. I have had issue with it. See: Hyperlinks: warnings, special characters, errors

    I have created an example of how I prefer to handle this: Document Links and Document Links 2
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