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    BLOG setup question

    I apologize in advance but I just don't know which forum to post this into so maybe someone can move it into a more appropriate place. Thanks.

    I want to set up a blog. Can it be created in such a way that only certain people can see certain areas of it? I want to have a section for my family info, and I want a section for the baseball team I play for and when you access the baseball part of it, you don't even know about the family part of it and vice-versa.

    About 8 years ago when I last did web sites, I remember that I could create folders several layers deep and you could only access them if you knew the whole file structure and I wonder if this is the same...

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    A very quick way to do this is to have two blogs. They are easily setup with WordPress and are free. If you have your own domain name and webhosting you can run it on your server but it's not necessary.

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    This is what Social Networking sites (Facebook, Google+, etc.) are set up to do. You have a public facing page for photos and news items, and private areas for more personal stuff. Just make sure you understand the privacy controls wherever you post.

    Nearly any web hosting service will let you set up shared Public Folders and Folders shared only with those who know the passwords.
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