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    IE9 Script Error When Trying to Print

    Here's something that's been bugging me and maybe one of you with more knowledge than me can suggest why I'm getting this message and if there might be a fix.

    First the technical info: I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium and Internet Explorer 9. I have two printers - a Samsung ML-1860 laser and a HP PhotoSmart C3180 inkjet.

    I'm attaching a screen capture of two error messages.

    I've found on numerous web sites that when I try to print a page from the site to the Samsung, I'm often getting an error message and it won't print. It's been happening rather often on various sites and I got the same problem on your Windows Secrets forum page just before I started this thread. If I click the print icon in the IE toolbar, I get the Script Error message and doesn't matter whether I select yes or no, the message goes away and nothing happens. If I select Print Preview first, and then click the print button, I get the Message from Webpage message. I click OK and it goes away but still no print job.

    However if I select the HP printer instead of the Brother, I have no problems and I can print fine from any web page (except I'm using more expensive ink!)

    I tried some other browsers and I have no problem printing the same page to the Brother when using Firefox, Opera or Safari.

    So I'm a bit confused as to why it happens with the combination of IE and Brother but works fine with any other combination of browser/printer. I don't remember when this first started but I think it was a few months ago. I didn't have this problem before that.

    I also noticed that the Script Error message was identical on two different web sites (one being my bank and the other being Windows Secrets) ... I didn't check on other sites ... so I don't know what that line number means. Obviously not a line number in HTML code on the web page, or it wouldn't be the same. And that message "There is no connection for this connection ID" makes it really clear doesn't it ... NOT!!!

    Rod Corkum

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    PS - Thought I was attaching the picture but obviously I messed something up so if you don't see a picture - you can find it here. [Picture later deleted.]

    November 20, 2012 - Final update ...

    Just clearing out some items and noticed I never updated what happened on this issue. Actually I never got around to attempting to fix the issue but I no longer have the problem - some time ago we had a nearby lightening strike taking out some transformers on the power line and it took out the motherboard on the computer when the power was restored. I now have a new computer (and a surge protector also) and the printer works fine with this computer.
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