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    Patch Tuesday - general

    I too appreciate the work Susan Bradley puts into Patch Tuesday. However, I have given up using it and now apply all relevant patches. Apart from difficulty matching the recommendations with specific patches, I am assuming/hoping that if I experience problems I can restore to pre-patch condition (on Win7/64). If this is a reasonable strategy, perhaps Susan can indicate this in her column one day and save us much grief and time. If it's not, please explain why.

    I decline all Outlook patches, since I don't use Outlook. Does this carry any risks?

    I also assume that the recommendations would be more relevant to and are largely designed for IT pros, running group policy patch deployment and central management of systems. Correct or not?

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    In principle, you should, indeed, be able to restore to pre-patch condition. It's reasonable to expect that system restore will set your computer as it was before the patching. If however, you use a backup strategy based or including imaging, I suggest you take an image before patching. I always do, as it provides another safety layer that gives a lot of peace of mind. If you don't use imaging, I would strongly suggest you consider using one, as it can be a life saver, and not only in situations relating to patching.

    If you don't have Outlook, there will be no risk associated with rejecting Outlook patches. However, accepting them would cause no issues either and it would avoid the need to hide them or reject them repeatedly.

    The final assertion is not entirely correct. Of course, patch issues multiplied by tens or hundreds of systems would me much worse, but even for an owner of a single system, with less experience, some patches can have very disturbing effects. If they can be avoided by following the patch tuesday column, I am sure that can be a good thing.

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    As I mentioned in this thread patch Tuesday is an ideal time to create a new Image. I create mine as soon as I have installed the patches, knowing that if something happens, I can restore last month's Image and start looking at this month's patches one at a time.

    The more recent your Image is the quicker it is to restore your PC. For example, if your most recent Image is 6 months old, how many changes have you had in the last 6 months? How long will it take you to apply those changes again after restoring that 6 month old Image?

    I sometimes create a new Image between the patch Tuesday Images if I make changes to my PC. I generally keep the latest 5 or 6 Images for each of our working PC's.
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