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    "Tmp" files that aren't

    I’m running Windows 7 Professional on a Mac under Parallels ver. 8. It’s a fairly simple system setup, because I do must of my main work on the Mac side.

    I run CCleaner periodically. Invariably, among other files, CCleaner finds the following 2 files and will not delete them, even though they are, supposedly temporary files:

    c:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\A93B.tmp (19.3 MB, modified 13 07 09)
    c:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\ACA9.tmp (19.3 MB, modified 13 07 09)


    I’ve tried the various suggestions to try to find out what program owns these 2 files, but without success.

    In an “experiment", I used Malwarebytes’ FileAssassin to delete the two files, after which Parallels would not run (which might be a clue as to what software owns these files. (Of course, I had a full and very recent backup of the Parallels virtual machine, so I was able to quickly reverse my obviously unwise file deletes!)

    This is, of course, not a critical problem, but one does get curious about a “tmp” file that is anything but!

    Any suggestions about what these files are or how to go about finding out?

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    Windows won't let you delete temp files that are in use which is probably the case here. I wouldn't worry about it.


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