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Thread: Java and EMET

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    Java and EMET

    I have Java 7 Update 7. Following todays update to Internet Explorer is it now safe to enable Java in IE or are the 2 things completely unrelated. (This question applies equally to Win 7 Pro). Also, do I still need to run EMET?

    Advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks and regards, Roy
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    The two things are completely unrelated.
    If you were running EMET for the IE bug, you can stop using it now.

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    Win 8 which includes IE 10 was not included in the security warnings. IE 10 was already protected. The warnings were for IE 7, 8 and 9.

    On your Win 7 you should now be fine. Just so you know, I have never used EMET and have never had a problem. By the way I assume you are talking about version 2 of EMET.

    I have no need for Java on my systems. I have no apps that use it, and visit very few web sites that require Java. I uninstalled it completely and never looked back. If you do not have any apps that require it, IMO you should just delete Java. If there is an app that needs it you will find out quickly and can then install the latest version.

    It seems that Java and Flash are 2 of the biggest security risks. Most of us need Flash, but not Java. It's a personal choice.
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